The Herald: Putting Absentee Landlord Policy In Perspective

 The Herald’s Lisa Backus provides a thorough examination of the city’s landlord license and issues related to regulating non-owner occupied housing in a December 2nd story.

Accurate and balanced information like this is the best way to combat the propaganda and misinformation coming from elsewhere, including the landlord lobby that has used political grandstanding and redbaiting instead of engaging in constructive dialogue.

NEW BRITAIN – Just days after an estimated crowd of 500 marched on City Hall to demand a repeal of two new ordinances aimed at imposing “hot spot” and licensing fees on out-of-town landlords, city detectives with a police shooting team were knocking on the door of 80 Clark St. to serve an arrest warrant on a home invasion suspect.

It wasn’t the first time city police had been at the address. According to dispatch records, since January 2011, officers had been at 80 Clark St. 50 times to deal with all manner of criminal and nuisance activity including the arrest of a man charged with attempted murder in the shooting of another Clark Street resident over owed drug money, a report of shots fired and six illegal drug investigations.

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