Summer Farm Report: Crops Are Coming In At Urban Oaks

Living in the city and organic farming/shopping are not mutually exclusive thanks to the Urban Oaks Organic Farm on Oak Street.

“We’ve started picking our own summer crops including French round zucchini and regular zucchini, and, of course, we’ll have more of our first picking of basil,” reported our friends at Urban Oaks on June 28th. “We also have some yellow summer squash from Massachusetts. We’re picking greens – including our glorious kales. Keep the kitchen cool by cooking up some greens rather than using your ovens.”

Oak Street New Britain may seem an unlikely place for a working farm that practices sustainable agriculture and produces lettuces, salad greens, tomatoes, fresh herbs and eggplant that chefs at fine restaurants favor. In 1999, however, Tony Norris and Mike Kandefer made Urban Oaks Organic Farm a reality. In the 1990s, mobilizing environmental clean up funds, grants and volunteers, Tony and Mike reclaimed the former Sandelli Greenhouse property at 233 Oak Street and created a working city farm utilizing their skills as certified organic farmers. The restoration of 15,000 square feet of greenhouses has allowed the farm to offer fresh greens and produce.

The nonprofit farm has been an urban revitalization success story second to none in New Britain. The presence of Urban Oaks is a positive force in a city neighborhood struggling with blight and safety issues. It’s been a gathering place where city residents and students can learn about sustainable and environmentally friendly farming. It proves that farming is not just an enterprise for the open roads and lower density of rural Connecticut.

And now here is your order form for the week of July 9th:

Welcome to the Urban Oaks Shopping Service!
Urban Oaks Organic Farm, 225 Oak Street , New Britain, CT 06051
Phone or Fax 860-223-6200, Email:

Price list for orders to be picked up on Fridays from 3-6 (or on Saturdays from 10-1).


Please give us your name: ______________________and daytime telephone: ________

How to order

You may order in pounds (lbs.) or quantity (qty), for example, 3lbs. of Macintosh apples or 8 qty Macintosh apples. Everything is certified organic unless otherwise indicated.

CT-grown products are boldfaced. You may also pickup pre-orders anytime after 1 p.m. on Fridays (although, Sweet Sage bakery items will not be available until 3).

Urban Oaks Organic Farm Produce

___Edible Chrysanthemum $6/lb
___Scallions $1.95/bunch
___Finnocchio (bulb fennel) $5.75/bag – two per bag
___Red Bor Kale $3.25/bunch
___Scotch Kale $3.25/bunch
___Sorrel, French @ $6/lb
___Soup or Braising mix @$6/lb
___Swiss chard $6/lb – SALE – $5/LB
___New Zealand spinach $6/lb
___Dandelion greens $3.25/bunch
___Garlic scapes $6/lb
___Rhubarb $4.25/lb
___Edible blossoms $2.50/dozen
___French round zucchini @ $2.50/lb
___Hardneck garlic @ $9.75/lb

Basils @ $2.50/sandwich sized bag


Herbs @ $1.75/bag:
___Bay Leaf
___Fennel, Bronze
___Fennel, Green
___Greek Oregano
___Lemon Grass
___Mint, Roman
___Mint, Spearmint
___Sweet Marjoram
___Garlic (Chinese) chives
___Sweet Cicely
___Winter savory
___Lemon balm

___Parcel $1.95/bag
___Italian (flat leaved) Parsley $1.95/bunch
___Curly parsley $1.95/bunch

Farm River Honey, Branford (not certified organic)

___Honey, Raw, 8 oz. jar @ $3/each

Certified organic eggs (NH)

___Extra large @ $4.50/dozen

The Bridge, Middletown (non-gmo, not certified organic but made with organic soybeans

___Tofu 15 oz. $2.35/each
___Amasake (rice drink sweetened by fermenting rice) 16 oz. @ $3.50
___Seitan 8 oz. @ $3.85


___Hummus 8 oz. $2.70/each

Sunshine Burgers

___Sunshine organic Southwestern flavor vegan burgers @ $4.25/8 oz. package of three burgers
___Sunshine barbeque vegan burgers @ $4.25/8 oz. package of three burgers
___Sunshine organic regular original garden herb vegan burgers @ $4.25/8 oz. package of three burgers


___Vinegar, Raw, unfiltered organic apple cider @ $4.49/32oz.
___Grateful Harvest Lime Juice @ $1.25/4.4oz. (made with organic ingredients)
___Volcano Organic Sicilian Blood Orange Juice @ $5.50/25.3oz.
___Matt’s Organic Orange Juice @ $7.95/56oz.

Bionaturae Whole Wheat Organic Pasta @ $2.50/1 lb. pkg.

This is the best tasting whole-wheat pasta you’ve ever had!

___Penne Rigate

Organic butters (frozen)

___Cultured Sweet Butter @ $6.39/1 lb. pkg. (Organic Valley)
___European Style Butter (lower moisture, higher fat) @ $3.99/1/2 lb. pkg. (Horizon)

Natural Meats from North Hollow Farm, Vermont

These meats are from a family farm (the Carlsons) and are pasture-raised without
hormones, antibiotics, growth stimulants, etc.

___Bacon @ $8.49/one-pound pkg.
___Beef, Ground @ $5.69/ 1 lb. pkg.
___Beef, Porterhouse or Rib Steaks @ $12.39/lb
___Beef, Eye of the Round Roast @ $8.49/lb (about 2lbs.; preorder one week in advance)
___Hams @ $8.49/lb no nitrates, nitrites or MSG (about 4 lbs; preorder one week in advance)
___Hot Dogs @ $5.95/1 lb. pkg., no nitrates, nitrites or MSG
___Country style Spare Ribs @ $6.29/lb

Applegate Farms

___Bacon 8 oz., $4.25/pkg. peppered no nitrates, nitrites, etc.
___Bacon, Sunday organic $6.25/8oz. pkg

Organic Meats from Organic Valley

___Ground Organic Beef Patties – 2 per package ( @ $6.29/each (these are great!)
___Whole organic chickens approximately 4-7 lbs. $4.89/lb

Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Coffees and hot cocoa (whole beans):

___French Roast @ $10/lb
___Breakfast Blend Decaffeinated @ $14/lb

SPECIALS — These are items we try to keep in stock if people keep requesting them

___Apples, Fuji @ $3.50/lb (38 lbs.)
___Avocado, Californian Haas @ $1.75/each (48 count)
___Beets, Gold @ $3.50/lb
___Beets, Red @ $3.75/lb (25 lbs.)
___Broccoli @ $3.95/bunch (14 count)
___Cabbage, Green @ $1.75/lb (40 lbs.)
___Cabbage, Red @ $2.35/lb (40 lbs.)
___Cabbage, Savoy @ $2.35/lb (40 lbs.)
___Carrots, bunched @ $2.50/bunch (24 count)
___Celery @ $2.95/bunch (30 count)
___Celeriac (celery root) $2.95/lb (25 lbs.)
___Garlic, softneck @ $4.75/lb (10 lbs.)
___Ginger, Hawaiianr @ $8.95/lb (5 lbs.)
___Grapefruit $2.25/lb (38 lbs.)
___Kiwi @ $.99/each (20 lbs.)
___Leeks @ $2.75/lb (20 lbs.)
___Lettuce, Green leaf $2.50/each (24 count)
___Lettuce, Red leaf $2.50/each (24 count)
___Lettuce, Romaine $2.50/each (24 count)
___Nectarines @ $2.95/lb (38 lbs.)
___Onions, Red @ $2.25/lb (50 lbs.)
___Onions, Yellow @ $1.75/lb (50 lbs.)
___Onions, Vidalia @ $2.50/lb (40 lbs.)
___Oranges, Valencia @ $1.95/lb (38 lbs.)
___Pears, Packhamt @ $2.25/lb (44 lbs.)
___Pears, d’Anjou @ $2.75/lb (38 lbs.)
___Plums, Black Amber $2.95/lb (22 lbs.)
___Pluots @ $3.95/lb (18 lbs.) [plum/apricot cross]
___Potatoes, Garnet Sweet @ $2.25/lb (40 lbs.)
___Potatoes, Red @ $1.95/lb (50 lbs.)
___Potatoes, Yukon gold @ $1.95/lb (50 lbs.)
___Potatoes, new White @ $1.75/lb (50 lbs.)
___Radish, daikon @ $2.75/lb (11 lbs.)
___Radishes, Red @ $2.50/bunch (24 count)
___Shallots, new with tops @ $6.50/lb (10 lbs.)
___Spinach @ $2.50/bunch (24 count)
___Summer (yellow) squash @ $2.50/lb (20 lbs. MA grown)

Other produce – These are new specialty items we could get if enough people pre-order!

___Apples, pink crisp (another name for Pink Lady) $3.95
___Apricots @ $3.75/lb (24 lbs.)
___Artichokes, Globe Jumbo @ $2.25/each (30 count)
___Asparagus @ $6.50/lb (11 lbs.)
___Bananas, Fair-Trade @ $1.15/lb (38 lbs.)
___Beans, Green $3.25/lb. (25 lbs.)
___Beets, Chioggia @ $2.95/lb (25 lbs.)
___Blueberries @ $8.25/8 oz. pkg. (12 count)
___Cabbage, napa $1.75/lb (35 lbs.)
___Cauliflower @ $4.95/each (12 count)
___Cherries @ $10/lb (18 lbs.)
___Croutons, seasoned @ $3.75/4.5oz. bag (12 count)
___Cucumbers @ $3.50/lb (20 lbs.)
___Escarole @ $2.25/each (24 count)
___Grapes, Red Flame Seedless @ $3.25/lb (18 lbs.)
___Lemons @ $3.25/lb (38 lbs.)
___Limes @ $4.25/lb (10 lbs)
___Mangoes @ $1.95/each (10 count)
___Melons, Cantaloupe @ $1.50/lb (9 count)
___Melons, Honeydew @ $1.85/lb. (20 lbs.)
___Mushrooms, Crimini @ $4.75/lb (5 lbs.)
___Mushrooms, Portabella @ $5.95/lb (5 lbs.)
___Mushrooms, Shiitake @ $13.75/lb (3 lbs)
___Mushrooms, Maiitake @ $17.50/lb
___Onions,sweet Wall-walla $1.95/lb (50 lbs.)
___Oranges, Mandarin $2.95/lb (25 lbs.)
___Parsley, Italian flat leaf $2.25/bunch (24 count)
___Peas, sugar snap (MA grown) $7.50/lb (10 lbs.)
___Peaches @ $3.75/lb (18 lbs.)
___Peaches, White @ $3.75/lb. (18 lbs.)
___Peas, snow (MA grown) $6.50/lb (10 lbs.)
___Peppers, Green bell @ $3.50/lb (11 lbs.)
___Peppers, Red bell @ $5.50/lb (25 lbs.)
___Peppers, Yellow bell @ $5.95/lb. (11 lbs.)
___Pineapples, Gold $5.50/each averaging 3-4 lbs. (6 count)
___Radishes, Watermelon @ $5.95/lb (10 lbs.)
___Squash, yellow zephyr @ $2.50/lb (20 lbs.)
___Tomatoes, hothouse @ $3.95/lb (11 lbs.)
___Watermelon $1.50/lb (8 count)


Sweet Sage Bakery by Kathy Duffy

___Baguette @ $2.50
___Morning glory muffins @ $1.75 (ALL MUFFINS ARE NOW $1.75/each)
___Challah @ $4
___Rustica @ $4 (no yeast)
___San Francisco sourdough @ $4 (no yeast)
___Three seed @$4 (no yeast/whole wheat flour)
___Norwegian farm loaf @$4 (no yeast/whole wheat flour)
___Rosemary walnut @ $4 (no yeast/w/whole wheat flour)
___Squaw (Molasses and oat) @ $4 (no yeast/whole wheat flour)
___Stromboli @ $4; roasted vegetables(peppers, onions, garlic, zucchini, eggplant with mozzarella cheese,
___Foccacia @ $4: greens tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette with mushrooms, roasted peppers and asiago cheese

Chapel Hill Muffin Company by Kathie Magzag

Kathie offers delicious heart-healthy Magic Muffins loaded with beneficial bran and Omega 3 fatty acids. Ingredients include: Oat bran, organic all-purpose flour, organic flax seed meal, wheat bran, oranges, brown sugar, eggs, buttermilk, golden raisins (optional), canola oil.

___Magic Muffins 6 @ $7 (in a clamshell)
___Orange/cranberry muffins 6 @$7


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