Connecticut’s efforts to establish a health insurance pooling option for cities and towns have been thwarted by the vetoes of Republican Governor Jodi Rell over the last two years.

House Speaker Chris Donovan has estimated that New Britain would save $900,000 or more if the city could opt in to a state health care pool, reducing the higher insurance premiums it now pays on its own.  Pooling, now in effect in close to 20 states, doesn’t spend a dime of tax money but re-structures the system to reduce costs.

With a squeeze on municipal revenues expected to worsen in FY 2012, the fate of CT health care pooling will rest with who is elected Governor.  The Democrats in the race are for pooling. It’s likely the GOP candidates will agree with Rell allowing the private market to escalate costs for local government, small businesses and taxpayers.

A new study reported in The Boston Globe finds that MA communities are reaping fiscal benefits of pooling in the Bay State.

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14 communities save more than $30m in health costs – Melrose – Budget Blues –