Campaign Stop: Cong. Murphy at Mickey D’s Jazz Night in Hard Hittin’:

NEW BRITAIN – Another Wednesday night. Another evening with a packed house for jazz and dancing at the West Main Street McDonald’s in New Britain for seniors who turn the fast food restaurant into a night club every week.

Shortly after 7 p.m. Sam Kimball and musician friends, including members of The Rockin’ Heartbeats, started up with Jazz standards and kept going.

This week  Cong. Chris Murphy, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, moved comfortably from table to table,  talking with New Britain constituents and listening to their concerns after a long day of campaigning and meeting with constituents.

Murphy, who’s represented New Britain for three terms in the House, has come to the New Britain McDonald’s in past campaigns.  It’s a place where he draws energy and encouragement from older voters, some of whom told him they’re not buying the paid televised snake oil from the lady wrestling executive. Murphy’s well-heeled opponent from Greenwich, who once lived in New Britain,  avoids speaking to newspapers and continues to hide behind misleading commercials in hopes of buying a Senate seat. You’re not likely to find her at Mickey D’s on Jazz Night either. Having a conversation with real people and answering unscripted questions is something her handlers won’t allow.

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